I'm a CG Artist living in the greater New York City Area. Though I work primarily in the North East I'm not opposed to traveling elsewhere should the opportunity arise. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University with an emphasis in animation. My varied experiences in CG have given me a very broad skill set, so I feel comfortable in almost any scenario. Typically I find myself being utilized in the areas of rigging, Softimage ICE, camera animation, tracking, and research and development.

        In addition to the skills previously listed, I pride myself in three main areas. First being problem solving, most often I'm assigned to projects with a glaring road block that needs to be worked out before production can move forward. Second is work proficiency, I'm able to apply myself efficiently as a member of a team or self-motivated. Finally is versatility, I'm able to learn new programs and techniques quickly and efficiently.

        In summation, I'm very good at making the impossible possible through impossible methods of possibleness.